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Contact the Origin and Office of the Colonelcy for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. We are the most complete online resource for historical and semantic documentation on colonels in Kentucky from 1774-1927.

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Our coordinated effort is an educational endeavor based on the discovery of a plethora of newly discovered information about the Kentucky Colonel Commission dating to 1776 in Virginia and Kentucke under Daniel Boone in 1775. In 2020 it became understood that the United States of America, Kentucky, Texas and other states were founded by "colonels" (heads of colony), not all of whom commanded militias of men, but the ideas and leadership of entire colonies and companies. Colonels started the governments creating the civilizations (colonies) therein!

Though we were established originally in Berea, Kentucky in 1998 at the Indian Fort Outpost near Daniel Boone's Camp, today we are a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) developed online with no physical office or street address.

As a result of an Agreed Permanent Injunction with the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels over intellectual property rights to the trademark "KENTUCKY COLONELS ® ", so the 22 year old organization, Kentucky Colonels International was disbanded and gave up aspirations to compete for members to become a cultural, an educational and informational endeavor with a focus on the genealogy and history of the Kentucky Colonel from 1775 to 2025, that people can follow based on the value of our content.

John Filson's Map of Kentucky
John Filson's Map, published for George Washington in 1784, the map shows where the Colonels lived. The Kentucky colonels that is. Actual land records for this territory can be found in Virginia and were shared with Kentucky recently. There were over 300 colonels in Kentucky by 1791 according to land records.

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You can contact the Kentucky Colonelcy authors or the American Colonels Network seven days a week online using email or Facebook instant messaging, but email is best. If you are interested in providing content for our website or our blog please send an inquiry by email.

Our social media development provides access to network services to those who are active on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Workplace and Twitter. We are beginning an initiative with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and UNESCO where volunteers will be able to connect with one another and take actions as colonels on the behalf of the Commonwealth of Kentucky in an official capacity as its goodwill ambassadors.


Charge d'Affaires - Col. David J. Wright

Patron - Col. Godfrey Brock-Gadd

Secretary - Col. Luis Cruz Diaz

Treasurer - Col. Nicholas A. Wright

Registrar - Col. Maria Veneke-Ylikomi

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