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The Kentucky Colonel Archive is a collection of media (books, magazines, newspapers, movies, sound recordings) files that can be found in other locations such as the Internet Archive and the Library of Congress. The information listed within or from the locations forms part of a non-exhaustive list of resources that have yet to be discovered when genealogical records are combined. Our Archival Program includes works derived from 1774 to 1927 from with 300,000 newspaper citations, Chronicling America at the Library of Congress with 15,000 and the NewspaperArchive which has over 47,000 resources.

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Everyday we find new content about the "Kentucky Colonel" and related content that is actually created by colonels; some of it is good, some not so great, some of it actually belongs to the state and in the colonel's history which belongs to America, the Pioneer Colonels that founded it and the Cherokee, Chickasaw, Delaware, Mosopelea, Shawnee and Wyandot (the inhabitants) who all for the most part resolved their difficulties peaceably with Colonels; but not with US Government and the ideas of Manifest Destiny. Some of these Colonels moved West to Oklahoma Territory with departing tribes under US Orders; these and other stories emerge from the Creative Commons and the Internet Archive, far from complete. There are great legal standards executed by colonels that go on to organize 20 other states, some even become governors and others are killed in the Alamo like Lt. Col. Henry Clay, Jr. son of one of Kentucky's first residents. 

One of the privileges of a Kentucky Colonelcy that an observer must understand, is that a Kentucky Colonel does not need permission or consent from the governor for each thing that they do, especially if they are within the legal boundaries of their jurisdiction using their letters patent. A Kentucky Colonel may reproduce and utilize any content they choose to identify with that is relative historically, this is America.  We discovered that in Kentucky, the Kentucky Colonel is the King, Colonels founded Kentucky. (period) It is a recorded fact that on May 23, 1775 So when talking about it the Kentucky Colonel must be credited because the "Colonel" created it.

Kentucky Colonel Coat of Arms 1902
Kentucky Colonel Coat of Arms from 1902 (Sanborn Coffee) Public Domain

Defenders of Common-Law, Admiralty and Creators of Governments

We will discover quickly by digging around as a qualified Internet Archive researcher or historian that the noble status of a "Colonel in Colonial America, 13 Colonies" is enhanced by the "Militia Colonel from the American Revolution", the "Pioneer Colonels of Transylvania", a "Colonel Commissioner from the Commonwealth of Virginia" and "Company Colonels from other places headed West" all converge in Kentucky. A researcher will find new words that are archaic in today's language and understand their significance, an amazing journey into the past. 

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Kentucky Colonel, Original Copyright publication of Opie Read 1889
Some of the best content can be found online using the Library of Congress program Chronicling America with millions of original newspapers in digital format.