Kentucky Colonel Cannabis

By default ever since Col. Daniel Boone in 1775 and the Clay Family at White Hall in Richmond, Kentucky has been a place that has shown deference to the Kentucky Colonel for being the Origin and Source of products made from this amazing plant. Currently in the Global Marketplace the terms "Colonel", "Kentucky Colonel" and "Colorado Colonel" have all emerged as names for new medicinal and recreational strains that have been patented. Some of these marijuana strains being developed are quite fantastic.

Governor Andy Beshear Supports Legalizing Medical Cannabis to Boost the Economy and Save Lives

"As the Kentucky General Assembly—specifically the Senate—has sat idle on enacting medical cannabis policy reform for yet another session, Gov. Andy Beshear said April 21 that he’s considering taking executive action to effectuate change.

The Senate killed the bill, again—an earlier version of the legislation passed the House in 2020, before stalling in the Senate, which continued to resist consideration of the issue in 2021 and now in 2022."

Beshear on Cannabis

Kentucky Colonel and Colonel Strains

Kentucky colonels have been growing cannabis since before they called it Kentucky! There are actually more that ten, but no more the 13 Cannabis sativa and Cannabis indica cultivars that are under development that either use the term "Colonel" that are being developed by Kentucky colonels in Kentucky, North Carolina, Tennessee and Virginia.

In a sense Kentucky colonels are pioneers in this area, there is no state that has produced more cannabis than Kentucky since the first seeds were planted by Kentucky Colonel Daniel Boone.

Kentucky Colonel Crunch - Classic Cannabis Strain for recreational use.
Kentucky Colonel Crunch (Historical Inspiring) Photo Grow Diaries