Celebrities with the Kentucky Colonel Title

Becoming a Kentucky Colonel is a major accomplishment for many who are recognized for their contributions to various industries or social sectors that can potentially make them celebrities both intentionally and by coincidence. However there is also a long list of people such as actors, artists, business people, musicians, singers and tv stars that were awarded the Honorable Title for their contributions to their respective industries simply because they were already celebrities. We try to recognize only those who acknowledge they are Kentucky colonels by using the title, or contacting us to take the Kentucky Colonel Oath.

Celebrity and Famous Kentucky Colonels

Section under development by the Hollywood Colonels. (Los Angeles Editor) This section may take some time considering that most persons that have been made colonels since 1939 do not have any idea what a colonel is and most cannot tell others why or how they became a Kentucky Colonel. Granted they were awarded a Kentucky Colonelcy, but were not necessarily Kentucky colonels. As stated this is being resolved by a special development team, but so far we have only 90 of over 900 names which may appear here, that should appear here, because they know the history of Kentucky Colonel, such as Harlan Sanders and many others that will surprise you. There is no way of knowing what a person did to become a colonel or if they have taken the Kentucky Colonel Oath, receiving an honorary commission as an award is one thing; putting it to use, acknowledging it and making it a defining moniker is another. We have many things to consider before listing these celebrities.