Kentucky Colonel Coat of Arms

The Kentucky Colonel Coat of Arms created in 1876 is the official image of the Kentucky Colonel. It was made coincidentally to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the Kentucky Colonel in colonial Virginia prior to Kentucky statehood in 1792, officially the image commemorates the Centennial of the United States when each state was granted the privilege by the United States Government. The coat of arms image is frequently found in association other other ideas and graphic images denoting Kentucky customs, heritage and traditions. The image is derived from the Commonwealth of Kentucky State Seal which was developed in 1792. The essential elements of the state are depicted in the image with two colonels celebrating their friendship upon the formation of a civil state and government. All such images that represent the state include the motto of the Kentucky Colonel, "United We Stand, Divided We Fall" the motto and the two colonels in the center embracing or shaking hands are the most consistent element in themes of most of Kentucky symbols and images. (Public Domain)

Kentucky Colonel™ Symbols (Official)

There is no logotype or logo representative of all the Kentucky colonels, nor a single mark representative of a Kentucky Colonel. While Colonel Harland Sanders may have been one of the most famous colonels there have been many before him and will after him as we continue to use our title and position as a civil officer to increase our standing and authority in society with many successes. The following symbols represent the Kentucky Colonel both legally and semantically, the use of other symbols or logos is prohibited in as much as it may create a false perception of official work as opposed to volunteer engagements under another flag or organization.

Kentucky Colonel Certificate Seal
Commonwealth Seal 1940's
Kentucky Colonel Official Business Seal
Commonwealth Seal 1990's
Kentucky Colonel Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms 1876
Kentucky Colonel Coat of Arms
Coat of Arms 1902

Examples of Coat of Arms Use

The Kentucky Colonel may apply the Coat of Arms anywhere they deem is necessary in order to protect the ideas and creations of the Commonwealth. As a "Crest" the "Coat of Arms" can be displayed on flags, plaques and official documents representative of the Kentucky Colonel that is professionally engaged in project and institutional development.

Kentucky Colonel Coat of Arms on Flag