Kentucky Colonel Registry

The Kentucky Colonel Registry was envisioned in 1998 by our group as a way to posterize the ideal of the Kentucky Colonel as the state's most important titled protagonist and recognized figure. The Kentucky Colonel is more than the official mascot for Kentucky, the colonel has proven to be its very source dating back to 1775 at the inception of the concepts that are inextricably confined to this origin.

Kentucky Colonel Honorable Title Registry

Those who have received a colonel's commission may apply to be recognized in an international title registry, an idea originated by our network group in 1998, the registry will recognize all American and international academic, appointed, commissioned, elected, hereditary, identified, post-nominal, and purchased titles of achievement, distinction, honor, and merit from around the world. Nearly any honorific title of distinction issued by a head of state, secretary of state, secretariat, or an institutional official that can be recognized diplomatically will be registered. The combined program is scheduled to be online by early 2023 coincident with our reformation as the Transylvania Company (the source of Kentucky Colonelcy).

The Title Registry will be operated by the Honorificus Foundation, a non-state, non-political and non-governmental organization established offshore to maintain international neutrality. The registry will maintain a database of notarized titles, original certificate photos, apostilled certifications, personal data, genealogical links, provide a username, and a membership card to registrants, the registry will be based on the blockchain to ensure participants a permanent record is on file.

Kentucky Colonel Commission issued by Governor John Brown, Jr.

Registration of the Kentucky Colonel Title

Registration is perhaps more difficult than becoming a Kentucky Colonel in the first place, but we believe it is a valuable tool and will provide colonels with a point of reference based on their claim to hold the Honorable Title. All titles require registration before they can be verified.