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Kentucky colonels have been making news for almost 250 years,  there are several publications that pre-date the founding of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Kentucky Colonels in the News

Use of the title of Kentucky Colonel has decreased significantly since the millenium began. Throughout the 20th Century the Kentucky colonel was very popular and received headlines and lots of news articles. We know this because we have reviewed many of the articles about "colonels" especially in small town newspapers. See our news archive. Whether you get a news article or not often depends on the person making your nomination and the person receiving the award, sometimes it is also helpful to be presented the the commission from the Governor himself, the odds for this however are 1000 to 1.

Also now that assigning colonelcy to individuals is more commonplace you need to be creative or perhaps combine receiving a commission with the reason it was awarded or with another deed or action. Every new Kentucky colonel deserves to be mentioned in the news especially for what they did to become a colonel in the first place.

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Some of our most important and defining news articles, laws, the US Congressional Record and the controversy regarding the Kentucky Colonelcy is linked canonically in our menu to this page. Other important newspaper articles that can be cited about the Kentucky Colonel is located on our page: Kentucky Colonel from US Newspapers

By 1931 when Governor Flem Sampson made 677 including a baby, Kentucky colonels became upset.