Kentucky Colonel Badge (Official Badge)

Kentucky colonels can and should carry a badge in the event they need to officialize festivities that require a colonel's presence. There should always be evidence that there was a colonel there, so take a photo!

Identifying Yourself with the Idea of the Kentucky Colonel

Badges and symbolic forms of identification are developed to promote the ideas of Kentucky colonelcy. In general a badge, pin or identity card is used to distinguish or show allegiance to the ideal of what it means to be a Kentucky colonel. Kentucky colonels today, because of the popularity of the award must create their own pomp to be recognized in society and individually distinguish themselves based on the act of being recognized by the Governor.

Kentucky Colonel Badges

There have been a variety of badges developed over the years that have been used to identify Kentucky colonels. The first one we could identify was from 1913, it was made by someone with the Kentucky Colonel Model Initiation Team of the Honorable Order of the Blue Goose International which was started in Chicago in 1914, all of the members of the group acted, conducted themselves and even dressed like Kentucky colonels. A photo of their group is on our home page.

While it may be a coincidence that the "Silver Star" coincides with the first Kentucky Colonel Commission of Richard Mentor Johnson by the Kentucky Legislature in 1813, an entrepreneur coincidentally reproduced the badge in 2013 in gold color. The design has caught on well enough that it has become our logo and an official symbol representing Kentucky colonelcy.

Kentucky Colonel 6 Pointed Silver Star
Original "Kentucky Colonel" Silver Star (replica) used by the Kentucky Colonel Model Initiation Team in 1913.
Replica of the Kentucky Colonel Star
Replica of the original Kentucky Colonel Badge made in 1913. The badge is solid brass and gold plated, it will not tarnish. We recommend ordering it as a flat badge that can be carried in a leather wallet case.

There is probably nothing more becoming or as attention grabbing than getting the Kentucky Colonel Badge to compliment the honorary status of being a Kentucky colonel, so we contacted a badge company to reproduce it as a high-quality product that is equal or superior to normal law enforcement badges used by most appointed, designated and elected officials.

When the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels learned about the badge they contacted the badge manufacturer and served a Cease and Desist Letter indicating that it was a violation of their trademark rights. A purely dishonorable false claim that stopped the manufacturer from producing any more badges.

You can no longer order the Kentucky Colonel Badge from the manufacturers or distributors because of legal threats made by the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels and their counsel The Wyatt Firm made to badge manufacturers who were producing the badges in January and February of 2021. Kentucky colonels who wish to get a badge now have to design their own.

Badge and Identity Laws

There are no specific laws that state a Kentucky Colonel should not, or shall not be allowed to carry or use a badge or a quality identification credential. A Kentucky colonel is a legally commissioned officer with honorary status, in the "old days" the status involved an official act, a commission, duties, identification, a medal and a uniform. Over the years, by 1921 the official duties, medal and uniform had all disappeared, but not the colonel because of his great significance in establishing the Commonwealth in 1792.

In 1957 Chief Justice Combs said, "Kentucky Colonels and notaries public are [commissioned officers] created in the name of the Commonwealth [under the authority of] its Chief Executive."

Adapted from the only applicable law in the Kentucky Revised Statutes Title XIII, Education § 164.980: (Impersonation of a Police Officer Prohibited) No person shall falsely represent himself/herself to be a [Kentucky Colonel] and in such assumed character, arrest, or detain, or search, or question, in any manner the person or property of any person, nor shall any person without the authority of the Governor wear an official uniform, insignia, badge, or other identification bearing the seal of the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Fake Kentucky Colonel Insignia
This (non-official) fictional insignia depicts a false representation of the Kentucky Colonel, the idea caught on with some colonels in 2014 before colonels understood the perils of false representation symbols, but it caught on among colonels. If you see someone using one of these pins, ask them to remove it. It adds politics, nationalism and a broader set of values to the idea of the Kentucky Colonel, it subdues the true Kentucky lifestyle that makes it unique. The only thing real about this badge or pin is the word Kentucky, everything else is a hegemonic conceptual idea of statehood with 5 stars or militarism? All that is might be the number of years it took for Col. Isaac Shelby to make it an independent state.

Other Badges

Others have created various badges for Kentucky colonels, however these badges are not considered to be official or accepted for various reasons. The Kentucky Sheriff's Association uses a "Five Point Star Ball Tipped Badge" this type of badge is restricted and requires proper law enforcement ID to purchase or use in Kentucky.

Colonel Aide-de-Camp

The origins of this badge is unknown, according to other colonels it may be an original Department of Public Safety badge that belonged to the person immediately under the governor before the establishment of the Kentucky Justice & Public Safety Cabinet which oversees the Kentucky State Police, Department of Corrections and other departments.

Kentucky Colonel 5 Point

This badge is obviously relatively old, perhaps from the 1960's or 70's, the enamel lettering is deteriorated in the word "colonel". Because the Kentucky Sheriff's Association claims rights over 5 pointed ball tipped stars in the state it is not recommended that Kentucky colonels have such a badge produced or made.

Kentucky Colonel Shield

This shield was made for a Kentucky colonel who is a law enforcement officer in New York by Blackinton® which is a major supplier of police and fire department badges. According to the badge owner it is the type of badge that was used by several colonels that were part of the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels of NY.