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Kentucky Colonel Commission, Kentucky Colonel Award, Kentucky Colonel Benefits, Duties of the Kentucky Colonel, the Honorable Title, a Kentucky Colonel's Mission, Nominating Colonels, and a New Rich Historical Account can only be found here on the Kentucky Colonelcy Domain and WebSite! Discover new words we found looking in the Kentucky Colonel Archive dating more than 200 years ago like colonelly, colonelling, colonelled, colonelcy, coloneller, and colonist; as well as other legal terms that have not been used practically in more than 100 years in American Literature.

Kentucky Colonelcy (WebSite)

The Kentucky Colonelcy Website is the first source for everything that is colonelly in nature; while some words and terms in our website may seem antiquated or archaic the reader should understand that common-law must be interpreted subject to the colonel's canon and lexicon.

Educational Information about DBAs, Trade names, Trademarks, Service marks and Registrations

Based on a the Lawsuit HOKC v. KCI in 2020, its subsequent litigation, defenses raised, a negotiated court mediated settlement was established where the trade names "Kentucky Colonels International" and "Kentucky Colonel Foundation" or any similar trade name using the "Kentucky Colonels Mark", "Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels" were prohibited. It was also understood by the parties from the litigation that Col. David Wright holds a common law copyright for the title of his website publication in 1998, Kentucky Colonels and a book using the same title in 2018. To settle the lawsuit Wright agreed to the temporary injunction and adding the following paragraph.

This Agreed Permanent Injunction does not prohibit the Defendant, Col. David J. Wright or other Kentucky colonels (as individuals) from using "Kentucky Colonel," "Kentucky colonels" and/or "Kentucky colonelcy" as words or terms to describe Kentucky colonels, as an a honorary title, or for editorial, educational, informative, journalistic, literary or other non-commercial purposes so long as the use is not related to the trademark or service mark uses registered, or pending, by the HOKC with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. February 23, 2021. -Judge Rebecca Jennings

Based on this paragraph and other terms of the settlement, all of the information and a copyright materials were transferred to become an educational work "Kentucky Colonelcy" (Kentucky Colonel: Honorable Title and Official) a reference website by Creative Commons authors and members of the American Colonels Network where the pursuit of truth in genealogy and history are more important than folklore and old wives' tales, the core of the work is focused on "Colonels" in "Kentucky" from 1775-1927 with additional definition of "Old Kentucky" prior to it becoming the 15th State in the Union in 1792.