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There are a number of companies and organizations that prefer Kentucky colonels because of the benefits of having Honorable Title holders engaged with one another using their titles. We have listed some of the more important types of employment that only a Kentucky Colonel can do to exercise their Colonelcy. We have only listed the programs that we manage cooperatively, we are sure that once it is understood that a person is truly dedicated to their role as a Kentucky Colonel new concepts, ideas and understanding will come to light for Honorable Title recipients that join the Office of the Kentucky Colonelcy.

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Volunteer Position - Responsible for finding online content in the public domain including books, magazines, newspaper articles, cartoons, media ads, film clips and charting family tree documentation. Help other Kentucky colonels create online profiles and biographical articles for our website to boost their use of the title with style and good taste.

The Kentucky Colonel was recognized as an idea (became a type of colonel) from a characterization was created based on the imagination of the public between 1842-1890 when the best-selling book was published about "A Kentucky Colonel" by Opie Read the stereotype which forms part of the state seal was conquered to be replaced by a wiley older gentleman, wearing a string tie, large brim hat with a goatee that is partial to bourbon. By 1920 the Kentucky Colonel served as a trademark for the state as its ambassador of goodwill. There are a lot of materials

It is very clear that the Founders of Kentucky are its First Colonels, it is also clear as to the intentions of the Governors that made the award and the commissioning activities of Col. George Rogers Clark and Col. John Bowman after meeting with Patrick Henry on December 21, 1776